Meet Adios Amor's Sister Project

MiHistoria is a storytelling initiative dedicated to sharing stories of the Latina experience

Through workshops, presentations and an online story archive, empowers Latinas to become the authors of their own stories. Our stories foster community, strengthen intergenerational ties, and build support for social justice struggles. We facilitate storytelling in community settings, and work with partner organizations serving Latinas. Our team includes professional storytellers and translators, volunteer story coaches, mediamakers, artists and activists.

The idea for MiHistoria was born in 2010 when the Chicana Latina Foundation invited filmmaker Laurie Coyle to share her search for Maria Moreno with their scholarship students at The Power of Storytelling workshop. The students wrote stories about women who had made a difference in their lives. They also assisted Laurie with the research for Adios Amor. The collaboration was transformed into an ongoing project when Albertina Zarazúa Padilla came on board, bringing her expertise as an educator and storyteller. In 2013, we launched and the project has been growing ever since.

Your story matters. Will you share it with us?